terry hooded towels

Besides the obvious fashion statement (Have you ever seen a baby that didn’t look incredibly cute in a hooded towel?), hooded towels serve a very important need—they help your baby regulate her body temperature and stay warm, even when her head is wet.

Gordonsbury hooded towels are made from the softest, 100% cotton terrycloth to absorb water and feel cozy against delicate skin. The hood is oversized to make it easy to slip on and to help prevent your baby from becoming entangled. 

Choose from a variety of playful hand-embroidered designs to fit your baby’s personality and your style. The quality stitching and outstanding fabric of Gordonsbury hooded towels ensure that they will stand up to many, many machine washings.

As your child grows into toddlerhood, her favorite hooded towel will continue to be a fun and functional part of bathtime. Hooded towels make a great luxury baby gift. Picture your baby making the perfect fashion statement in a Gordonsbury hooded towel.

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